Newtown High School

Ysgol Uwchradd y Drenewydd is a bilingual site from the All-Wales School Liaison Core Programme (AWSLCP) - a national schools programme jointly funded by the Welsh Government and the four Police Forces of Wales, which went live nationally in September 2004.

Our trained School Community Police Officers (SCPO) deliver lessons on;
- Drug and substance misuse.
- Social behaviour and community.
- Safety.

The programme educates young people about some of the dangerous issues that affect our society today. The intention of the programme is to safeguard all children and young people living in Wales by providing them with up to date information about the dangers associated with such issues as substance use and misuse, bullying, anti-social behaviour, strangers, internet safety, weapons, mobile phone usage, car crime, community cohesion and domestic abuse. It provides information and resources for teachers, pupils and parents to follow up on the lessons provided to primary and secondary school children by our School Community Police Officers.

Children and young people are often innocent of the dangers of these issues or the potential for breaking the law and how these issues are closely linked to crime. So, it is important that your children are provided with accurate up to date information by specialists to ensure they are able to make correctly informed decisions. This not only applies to the individual’s awareness of potential crimes but also to be able to avoid becoming a potential victim.

The AWSLCP targets pupils aged between five and 16.

Anti-Social Behaviour and your child - leaflet from Schoolbeat