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Ysgol Uwchradd y Drenewydd

Class Charts for students

What is Class Charts for Students?

At Newtown High School we use an application called Class Charts to help you keep track of your achievements, access your behaviour report and track any detentions you may get.

Class Charts for students can be accessed via the Class Charts website, or using iOS and Android apps.

You can access the student website and find links to the student App at:

You will need to be given an access code by your teacher in order to log in. If you have not received your access code or you are not sure what it is then please speak with Mr B Jones (John Beddoes Campus) or Mrs S Huxley (Newtown Campus).

A full student guide for using the App can be found here:

- Achievements and Behaviour

- Behaviour breakdown

On the behaviour screen, you will be presented with graphs which represent an overview of your achievement and behaviour data within a customisable timeframe.

To change the date range of displayed behaviour data, simply click on the calendar icon to select from the available presets or create your own custom date range.

Activity Feed


Below these graphs you will find a list of behaviour activity relating to you. These display the behaviour that was awarded, when it was awarded, who awarded the behaviour, the lesson the behaviour was awarded in, and how many points the award is worth. The level of detail within each behaviour award depends on the settings that your school has enabled.

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