Newtown High School

School IT facilities and information

Newtown High School has invested in a comprehensive network of modern IT facilities and software, to give broad access to IT through subjects and also for independent study. We aim to have IT facilities available whenever required, with a ratio of two student PCs for every three students.

The school PCs run Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 2016, or Apple OS X with Office 2016 for the departments with Apple Macs. Additional software used includes:

Adobe Creative Suite 6
Dassault Systèmes Solidworks
Matchware Mediator
Avid ProTools
Avid Sibelius
Apple Logic Pro
Apple Garageband

We also use many free and open source programs where available.

All students have access to a school email address, accessible from school or at home. All students have access to the school's Office 365, G Suite, Moodle VLE and HomeFile resources for accessing their files at home, and they have access to Hwb. Hwb is a Welsh Government funded resource for students providing tools and facilities, including Office 365 to give licensed versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint and also OneDrive storage. Hwb logins are available to all students in school, and additional services are available with parental consent.

If you wish to purchase equipment or software in-line with the school's own facilities, these guidelines will ensure compatibility:

PC running Microsoft Windows (8.1 or newer) or Linux, Apple Mac running OS X 10.13 or newer, or another compatible device such as a tablet running Android or Apple iOS (a physical keyboard is always recommended for these machines). For PCs and Macs we recommend hardware in line with or above our baseline specification (CPU with 2 or more cores, 4GB or more of RAM and SSD storage) to meet the requirements of our software and for a good user experience.

Software: Office software; online services such as Office 365 (available free for students of our school here, using their school email address and password) or G Suite (also provided using a school account). Alternatively, Microsoft Office (2013 or later) or a free alternative such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice can be used. For tablets/phones Microsoft Office for Mobile is available for free (which works with Office 365), or alternatives such as WPS Office are available.

For ICT and other lessons, a personal copy of Adobe CC may be useful. Free alternatives to many of the programs within the suite are available online, such as The Gnu Image Manipulation Program (image editing), Brackets (web design), Inkscape (vector imaging) and Scribus (desktop publishing).

The school website and online services (including email, Moodle etc) are designed to run on all modern browsers, and to work properly on modern mobile phone and tablet browsers. If you have any accessibility problems with the site, please get in touch, as we are constantly working on improving the online experience.