Newtown High School

Rewards System

Recognising hard work, effort, achievement and the wider contribution to the school that students regularly display is very important to us. We have embarked on an exciting new journey to change our rewards system to focus on rewarding good behaviour and punctual attendance to lessons - we are doing this by using Character Points. The previous 'Cyfle Coins' are now Character Points. Students who had Cyfle Coins have had these converted to the new Character Points.

Character Points

Character Points are a virtual digital currency which students accumulate throughout their time with us. Students are automatically given points for punctual attendance to lessons every day. Members of staff can award students extra points in recognition of a range of different achievements such as good homework, citizenship or outstanding participation in class.
Students can then redeem their Character Points for items in the digital online shop. Some of these items currently available include early lunch passes and tickets for different activities on rewards day. We will continue to update our catalogue of items available for redemption throughout the school year.


Parents are key to a child's success in school and we want to share with you the progress that their child is making, allowing them to celebrate their successes with us. Character Points are integrated into Insight, our digital service for parents, allowing parents to track their child's progress  and any extra points received for extra achievements.

For further information please contact us via the usual methods.